What to expect

Our gatherings are about a two and half long. Music, scripture, testimonies, humour are all part of how we prepare ourselves and respond to what God wants us to hear. Each time, there is teaching from scripture intended to be both conversational and challenging and it always ends with Jesus Christ.

We also take communion each time at our Prayer Cafe and give of our tithes and offerings to support God’s work through Prince Lenny Ministries. All are welcome!

Our hope is that it’s casual, relational, simple, and meaningful for everyone. Should you decide to visit, you would be welcome.


After the teaching time there is an opportunity respond to all that God is doing. As the band leads us in song, we respond through celebrating communion, prayer, giving our offering and singing.


We observe communion to remember Christ and all that He has done for us in his life, death and resurrection. When observing communion we also take time to examine ourselves, it should be an occasion when God’s loving grace impacts us deeply so that the gospel takes deeper and deeper root in our lives. All followers of Jesus are invited to participate in this regardless of what fellowship you belong to.


There will be an opportunity to pray, if you would like to pray with someone Prayer Teams are available in the back of the worship center, one of our Pastors will also be available to pray with you at the front.

After The Service

We network to build a family of Love and togetherness. The fellowship is not a building, it is people, and we believe the people are more than a one-day event. Prince Lenny Ministries fellowship exists to be the love and hope of Christ to the community and the world not one day a week, but seven days a week in our homes, jobs, schools, communities, hobbies and anywhere that we interact with people.